Top 5 Funny Beer Hats

Do you love beer? What’s better than drinking your favorite beer is by wearing a hat to show off your passion for drinking! Finding an affordable and high quality hat can be challenging but here at Beer Gears, we got you covered! Check out our entire drinking hats collection to find one that best fits your needs! Browse below to get a glimpse of all the beer hats we have available.

1. Shut Up Liver You’re Fine ($24.99)
This hat is for the person that loves to drink 10 beers at a time plus their friends’ drinks as well. They will drink til the bar closes. Our funny beer trucker hats that will be sure to get plenty of laughs. This hat also comes with a bottle opener attached so you can crack open a cold one anytime! How convenient!?

shut up liver you're fine beer hat cap funny

2. The Only BS I Need is Beer and Sex ($24.99)
If you are the type of person that is down to earth and wants to skip all the BS in life and go straight for what you really want, this beer hat is perfect for you! This humorous saying will get a chuckle out of everyone you meet.

the only bs i need is beer and sex hat funny

3. Warning May Contain Alcohol ($24.99)
For the friend that is always drinking on a daily basis and doesn't need a special occasion to celebrate, this hat is perfect for them. This person is known to always contain alcohol no matter where they go. Snag this hat if you agree.

warning may contain alcohol funny beer hat cap

4. IPA Lot When I Drink ($24.99)
To the person that loves to drink IPA, this beer hat is perfect for all IPA lovers. Rock this cap to show off your love and passion for IPA. This hat will stir up fun conversions with friends and family.

ipa lot when i drink funny beer hat cap

5. Titties and Beer That’s Why I’m Here ($24.99)
This awesome beer hat does not need any explaining. This cap says it all! Grab this hat if you agree that your only purpose for showing up are for the titties and beer! Cheers to that!

titties and beer that's why i'm here funny beer hat cap
Grab your beer hats today!

Check out our wide selection of hats on our store. Snag a beer hat that fits your personality. Our supplies are limited and sells out quickly. Come and grab our beer baseball hats.

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  • These are the funniest beer hats I ever seen. So glad I found this website. I just purchased 3 drinking hats for my buddies and I and can’t wait to rock them!

    Peter L. on

  • I brought 2 hats already! Shut up liver and warning hat. It gets a good laugh out of everyone that sees me wearing this hat. Great quality and fast shipping. I will purchase again!

    Jared E. on

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