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This App Will Give You Money for Buying Alcohol in Stores and Restaurants

Alcohol can be expensive sometimes. But now there is an app that will give you money with every purchase. There is now a way to save money on the booze you buy at the grocery stores or bars. Ibotta is a great rebate app that allows to you get cash back on your liquor. Here’s how to get started:1. Download the app and make an account2. Browse the drinks that are available for rebates3. Select the drinks you want and purchase them4. Click the “Redeem” button at the bottom of the app and snap a picture of your receipt with...

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7 Foods that pairs well with Beer

Beer is actually more food friendly than wine because beer offers more room for flavor variety. Beer has barley (that adds sweetness), hops (that gives bitterness), yeast (that gives “bready” flavor), and you can add chocolate, fruits, nuts, spices, and vegetables while the wine gives only one flavor which is grapes. Since beer has different variety of flavors, people tend to pair it with specific foods. Here are some suggested foods that you can eat that best match while drinking beer. Beer and Chicken and Pasta When eating chicken, do not take a heavy beer but instead a lighter beer....

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